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is a former government hacker, who is now on the good side, a security specialist, one of the great hackers in the world, he last year decided to explore the vulnerabilities in the iphone. he found a vulnerability in the iphone that when he deployed it the right way, and this was for a contest, it enabled him to take over a portion of that iphone. industrial control computers are on a lot of systems, water systems, electric grids and so on. last year, a disgruntled hacker abroad went into a water system in south houston, texas, and got control of those computers. the list goes on and on. there are hacks of google, security firms. there are millions of attacks, literally millions of attacks around the world and intrusions on computer systems every day. probably the most phenomenal attack involves a warm called stuxnet. in that case, the u.s. government, i think working with israel, but the united states government to felt -- the u.s. government develop a computer warned that went into the nuclear processing facilities in iran and disrupted those computers. >> it was developed by the u.s. gov
of the characteristics of the presidency. but in terms of the way we govern ourselves and the way we that willformations, never change. i am always mindful of a more consolidated eco system, with the means, what that means in terms of its independent voices, in terms of diversity, in terms of small communities. it really came home for me when i saw an newscast where an individual -- i will say that english was not his first language. he did not know the system was going to shut down its 7:00. how is he supposed to receive that information? as an individual, a more robust, the first media infrastructure -- it increases for dissemination and the like. chances are, he is going to go to that information source. chances are, that information source would have disseminated the affirmation. this individual was stuck because the information did not get to him. i am concerned abut a consolidated ecosystem looks like. i am always committed to engagement. >> what about the first responders? what did you see, what have you assessed so far when it comes to first responders and hurricanes sandy and their ability to c
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)